Recommended Books

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penny Pierce

Absolutely magnificent book that really clarified the power of human thought. It analyses emotions and inner images based on reality from a scientific approach. This world is made of energy… and this is why our technology works in a way that it does. I can say that this book is about our ‘human technology’. Penny Pierce is a great author who ties together the purpose of our own lives, how to do transformation and feel inner peace, regardless of how our world changes.

Choose this book if you want to feel more empowered to do what you feel in your heart and to become who you truly are. This book took many ideas and broke it into the mainstream. The writing is very clear, the exercises work very well, and your purpose will become clear.  It is easy to read even on a complex subject. This is a stimulating book. Compelling and comprehensive work on the frequency, different vibrations and spiritual science. The author writes how we can connect to others and gain information from multiple sources, also reminds us to be far more intuitive and to trust our feelings.

This book is ideal for the non-scientist who is interested to learn about the various forms of magnetic and electrical energy: cell phones, solar flares, acupuncture, photons, consciousness – it’s all covered. The main focus is on personal power and personal energy fields.

The book is definitely worth a read, it’s well written and edited. It’s a great addition to your collection of books on spirituality explained by science.

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