Greenred Productions

Welcome! We are Greenred Productions and we create binaural beats meditation music and ancient Solfeggio frequencies music. Our Youtube channel is dedicated for sleep music, studying music, healing sessions and many more. Binaural beat sessions require headphones while Solfeggio frequency music can also be played via speakers.

Here are a few tracks of ours:

Super Intelligence Memory and Focus Music:

This is one of our most popular tracks with binaural beats. Best used during studying / learning process when you need to focus and memorize things. 14 Hz beta waves will improve your alertness and concentration, also improve memory.

Happiness Frequency Music for Serotonin Release:

This binaural session based on 10 Hz Alpha waves and it is known as the frequency of happiness. This will help you to boost positive thoughts and to enjoy a pleasant moment in completely relaxed state of mind.

528 Hz Solfeggio frequency music for DNA Repair

528 Hz frequency is a magical one. Use this frequency for DNA repair and Cell regeneration process. Genetic biochemists uses 528 Hz to repair broken DNA. This frequency activates creativity and will help you to find inner peace. This miracle tone is also considered as the frequency of love.


For more music visit our Youtube channel: